VERY IMPORTANT! Please read before donating!

Where will the money you donate go?

Please be aware that SantaCon is a worldwide event that occurs in over 290 locations in over 40 countries, and is not owned or operated by any one person. SantaCon Seaside Heights itself is not an official charity and is not tax exempt or tax deductible. We are simply a group of people trying to spread holiday cheer, as all SantaCon events do, and take donations for charities in the process. We are 100% non-profit, and all net proceeds will be donated to one or more charities. 

You may ask "why net proceeds?". Almost all SantaCon events are run by word of mouth and social media. We want SantaCon SHNJ to be a little different. Instead of just hoping money will be donated to charities, we want to be sure of it; while giving YOU something in return to remember the awesome times that are sure to take place. Although we are asking all companies involved to donate as much as possible, we cannot expect everything to be free.

What do you get for donating?

As mentioned before, we would like to give you a gift for donating and to remember the awesome times that are sure to take place. For a $25 donation you will receive the following:

Beer Mug: It serves a purpose other than the obvious. If you choose to drink during SantaCon (and we hope you do so responsibly), the mug will get you special deals on Miller Lite ® from all of the participating bars and restaurants.!

Embroidered patch: Every year we design a new and unique patch that has a removable safety pin so you can show your attendance for years to come.

Poker Run Entry: ($5 value) An entry sheet into our poker run.

Raffle Tickets: ($10 value) Raffle tickets for various prizes (check out our Facebook page for details)

Which charities are we donating to?

The 2019 Charity is Chive Charities.

We also ask that you bring one unwrapped toy and 2 non-perishable food items for local charities.

Before Donating

Remember! You are in no way obligated to donate! If you are sceptical about any of the previous information, your other options are as follows:

1) Donate the day of the event with cash (although you will not be guaranteed a comemorative patch and mug) along with some non-perishable food items and an unwrapped toy.

2) Instead of donating money, simply bring some non-perishable food items and an unwrapped toy.

3) Do not donate money, food or a toy; and just come to enjoy the great times. grinch.

Feel free to donate more, but you must donate atleast $25.00

If you donate in multiples of $25 ($50, $75, $100, ect.) we will assume you want multiple mugs/patches. If that is not the case, you may let us know the day of the event!

Presale has ended!