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What is Santacon?

• Santacon is a non-denominational, non-commercial, non-political and non-sensical Santa Claus convention that occurs once a year for absolutely no reason.
It’s your chance to spread holiday cheer in the most magical and absurd way possible.

What isn't Santacon?

• Santacon is not a bar crawl. Every time you call it that, a sugarplum fairy dies...

Santa does not make children cry.

• Really, if you see kids, don't do anything to freak them out. Give them a nice smile and possibly a gift of some kind (toys, candy etc).

Santa dresses for all occasions.

• It's December. Smart santas wear multiple costume layers. Dress to maximize merriment whether...

The Embroidered patch


The idea is to have it sewn onto a scarf or jacket to show your attendance for years to come. However, we would love to see any other creative ideas you might have.


The Beer Mug


It serves a purpose other than the obvious. If you choose to drink during SantaCon...
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